Bremerton Special Release 2016 Malbec


Langhorne Creek

Here’s why there’s a fair bit of interest in the malbec variety has these days. First start with the great support roles its plays in big name cabernet and Bordeaux style blends from multiple Australian regions – Clare, Margaret River, and recently McLaren Vale leading the way. Then there’s a bit of cool Argentinian action as well. Okay, let’s not forget the French in here as well. Meanwhile Langhorne Creek has kept the faith for many, many years with several producers showing their love with straight varietal expressions of the grape.

There’s obviously not too much around as it’s allowed a guernsey at the Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show, where this Bremerton beauty got onto the trophy podium last year winning the best French Varietal gong. I can see why. It’s a ripping example of fleshy, juicy and flavourful but not heavy red. It’s got the brambles about it and a blackcurrant/ raspberry/mulberry braid of berry-ness with sage flowers and leaves in its herbal counterbalances. The best thing is its fresh and tangy lift that entwines with those aromatics, held together by persistent yet gently sticky tannins.

Delicious and salivating. Great value. And a red-carpet barbecue guest if ever there was one.

“A ripping example of fleshy, juicy and flavourful but not heavy red”